Hearing the Excuses…

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the following…

“I’m just not in the mood.”

“You haven’t been nice enough.”

“We just had sex last week!”

Now occasionally, these do make sense. But when it is over and over again, one starts to really think that they are just excuses.  My wife loved to find reasons to avoid sex.  Instead of figuring out why we should have sex, she would search for reasons not to.  My pain and resentment just grew and grew until I now don’t believe anything that she says anymore.  She just loves to refuse.

Years of sexual refusal really is devastating to one’s self esteem.  When you are rejected sexually in marriage, you constantly wonder what you have done wrong.  It took a long time for me to realize that it was not me.


5 thoughts on “Hearing the Excuses…

  1. The rejection not only builds up and hurts but it hurts in force. This is your spouse, the love of your life, and they are rejecting you. The one person who shouldn’t hurt you is and is doing more damage than any ex. My wife and I are young and have been married less than 5 years we’re having this problem. The toll it takes on you (mentally, emotionally and physically) is just exhausting.

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    1. Oh it really is exhausting and frustrating..I have reached a point where I feel that there might be something wrong with me..am I asking too much from him..???? Am I the one who needs therapy??


  2. I am going to tell you something really radical. If you don’t have kids, divorce her NOW! This is not going to get better. I was rejected on the wedding night, and if someone had told me what I was looking forward to for the next 28 years, I would have run away screaming.


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