Sexual Refusal = Adultery?

Some people will argue that sexual refusal is NOT the same thing as adultery. My feeling is that these people have not been sexually refused for any length of time. Sex is a necessity in marriage, and if there is no legitimate reason for refusal, it is just as much of a betrayal as if the spouse is screwing the pool boy or maid. I would like to hear how these people would feel after years of sexual refusal.

Unless you know the feeling of lying in bed with your body screaming for sexual release, knowing that the person right next to you has the ability to help but is completely refusing to even consider it, you don’t know the feeling of absolute betrayal.

Adultery is the breaking of the marriage vows by refusing to do what marriage requires. Sex is required for marriage. If you are refusing to have sex with your spouse, you have broken your marriage vows.


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