Do You Love Your Spouse?

Funny question, huh? Many men and women would be offended by the question.   They might say, “If I didn’t love him or her I would not have married him or her!” Then they would make a big harumppff and walk away in a huff. At least that’s what my wife would do.

By the way, I started to title this post about Wives loving Husbands, but I have been finding out that there are just as many refused wives as there are husbands, so I am going to make my posts as gender neutral as I can.

If you love your spouse, it stands to reason that you would want him or her to be happy and contented, correct? After all, you know that marriage is not just for you and your fulfillment only. If your spouse is hungry, and there is only one sandwich, you are not going to eat it all yourself, right? What if you just ate, but your spouse is hungry, and you know where there is food, then you will give him/her some wouldn’t you?

What if you have just eaten, you are not hungry, you don’t want to go out, and there is no food in the house, but your spouse is hungry, what will you do then? Well you have some choices then, don’t you? First of all, you can go with your spouse to a restaurant and be with him or her as he of she eats, or you can go to the grocery store with your spouse, get some food, bring it home, and be with him or her as he/she eats. Or you can just tell your spouse to go out to the grocery store or restaurant, and get something to eat for himself or herself while you stay at home.

But if you love your spouse, you would NEVER, EVER, tell him or her that because you are not hungry, that he or she cannot eat regardless of how hungry he or she is. And if you told him or her that he or she can only eat when you are in the mood to eat, then you are obviously an uncaring, selfish person.

So I ask the question again, Do you Love Your Spouse? Because a loving husband or wife would never deny a meal to the hungry wife or husband just because he or she was not hungry at that particular time. Because you might find out that the denied husband or wife is eating out quite a bit. And the meals that he or she is getting might be a lot better than the ones you are providing.

You might hear a sermon about meals from a church pulpit, but this one is not really about food. So if you didn’t get the point, if you are not having sex with your spouse, don’t be too surprised if someone else is willing to.


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