What’s Happening Now?

I was looking over my blog today, and I realized I had not written an update on my situation since the last part of January!

So for those of you who are interested, my wife had agreed to make an appointment with a gynecologist by February 7. That was a Sunday. The day before, on 2/7, Saturday, she told me that she had NOT made an appointment, but she really would be making one the next week. The next week would have been 2/8-2/12. Well guess what? I am writing this on February 19, 2016, and she has still NOT MADE AN APPOINTMENT!! She has had a full list of all the gynecologists on our network since 1/25/16.

What she did was tell me that she had heard of a doctor she thinks she would like, but he has a six month waiting list for new patients. So she did NOT make an appointment. Wow, sounds like she really tried, huh?

No, I didn’t think so either. After she told me that, which was around 2/3/16, I printed out a list of gynecologists on our network and started making calls. She was correct that the particular doctor she called has a six month waiting list for new patients, HOWEVER, he is the only gynecologist in town with a waiting list that long. I found three doctors who could get her in the week of 2/8-2/12, four who could get her in by the end of February, and 7 who could get her in the first week of March.

So it is very clear that she deliberately made a choice to forgo making an appointment when she had 14 other choices of doctors. It is like she is DARING me to do something about it.

So if you read this and want to comment, please do. What do you do when someone says she is going to do something this critical, and defiantly refuses to do what she agreed to do?


7 thoughts on “What’s Happening Now?

      1. That’s how my refuser behaved about his medical appointments. He didn’t want me too closely involved. In the name of his medical privacy rights, the only information I ever got was….whatever he told me.


  1. Wow. The more I read about sexless marriages the more I see the relationship is about maintaining power and control. I also see that the denied partner has over time learned and/or been trained to be a willing victim. That’s me. All my personal power is voluntarily given to my wife. I make that choice. No one else. And for me it’s a much larger issue than sex. It encompasses nearly every aspect of my life. Thanks for sharing your life in this blog. I’m reading it in reverse order and so far this is the entry that really showed me what some sexless marriages are really about.

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