On My Own…

To update everyone, I have moved out. I am in my own apartment. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it has been wonderful. At the end of the day, I can go home and relax. I don’t have to wonder what my refusing cheater will be mad about when I get home. I can change clothes and actually transition from my very stressful job to my home. I now have a refuge, and a place where I can rest and recharge.

I don’t have to apologize for breathing. If I am a bit drowsy, I can take a little nap. I am not criticized for everything I do. If I am hungry, I can get something to eat without being questioned. If I am watching TV, no one comes in with a mean look and demands that I change the channel.

Then there is my job. I am happy to go to work, and I can really concentrate on what I am doing. I guess because I can now relax at home, I can do my job more effectively.

Lastly, there is my health. I am sleeping much better, and I am not eating unhealthy foods. I guess I am not eating out of emotion. But I have actually lost over 10 lbs.

So I am just in a much better place, both physically and emotionally.


7 thoughts on “On My Own…

    1. Well, I only saw her once after being out about a week. This was at the home of a couple from church. She refuses to take any responsibility, and blames me for the whole thing. Just being around her put me into fight or flight and it took almost 24 hours for me to calm down from the adrenaline rush.


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