An Interesting Reason for Refusal

I have been pondering about whether I should write about this, but I thought I might as well. Since I moved out, I have met with my wife one time at the home of some mutual friends.

At this meeting, my refusing cheater came up with a new reason for her refusal. As you remember, for the past 5.5 years, her reason has been that she is medically unable to have sex, yet she has refused to seek any medical treatment. But at that meeting, she came up with a completely new reason.

She said that she believes that now she is physically capable of having sex, but there is something else that is preventing this. She has obtained copies of all of the bank statements for the past year and has determined that she has been unable to have sex because I have spent too much money.

Yes, since she looked at the bank statements, her reasons for refusal have now changed. She is no longer physically incapable of having sex, but since not enough money has been available to her, she is not emotionally able to have sex. Yes, you read that correctly.

I recently related this new situation to a close friend, and he pointed something out to me. Now, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but there is one particular situation where money is a prerequisite to sex. That situation is not legal in any state in the U.S.A. except for Nevada.

So I am not going to tell my wife this, but I honestly hope that she someday finds a man who will give her enough money that she wants to have sex.

And no, you will NEVER hear a minister say this from a pulpit.


2 thoughts on “An Interesting Reason for Refusal

  1. Oh, wow.

    Yeah, there’s no saving that relationship. I know God said he hates divorce, but how can you be married and not have sex? I hope when all this is said and done, you will find someone 15 years younger than you that will rock your world.


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