A Broken Leg

A man was working on his roof and fell off, breaking his leg. He was able to drag himself into the house, and sat on the couch. His cell phone was lost, and the only other phone in the house was his wife’s. He begged her to call 911 so his leg could be treated.

She told him that his leg could wait, but she would be happy to bake him a cake. He cried and begged her to get treatment for his extremely painful broken leg. So she turned on the TV, and brought him his favorite drink, iced tea with lime. He still complained about the pain of his broken leg. So she made him a BLT, his favorite sandwich. He still was screaming in pain about his broken leg. So she put on a dress that she knew that he liked. And still, he would not shut up about his broken leg! Finally she told him, “Is your broken leg all you think about?”

Finally, a woman who lived next door heard his screams of pain and came in to ask what all the yelling was about. When she saw the look of pain on his face and his leg turned at an unnatural angle, she immediately called 911, showed the paramedics where he was, and rode with him to the ER.

As the ambulance drove away, his wife thought, “I wonder why he would leave with her when I did all of those wonderful things for him?”

Her husband never came back.


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