Living in a Shack

Imagine a young couple has decided to get married. They are both established in their careers, and the young man has saved enough money to make a down payment on the house. Because the couple is not married, the home must be put in his name only, but it is agreed that it will belong to both of them.

They call a realtor, tell her what their budget would be, and start looking at houses. They realize that they can afford a lovely new home in a very nice neighborhood. They decide what they both will like, and they decide on things like wallpaper, curtains, and carpets. Both of them are very excited, and they talk about how much they will enjoy their new home.

The intended bride is about to burst with excitement. She tells her mother, her sisters, and all of her friends that not only will she be getting a new husband, but she will also be getting a brand new house! She tells them all about how wonderful it will be to have her own home, and how she is so excited to be able to live in her own home. It is a dream come true! She has told her future husband that she cannot wait to move into her new home, but she will not move in until after the wedding.

She talks to her future husband about the honeymoon, and tells him that instead of an expensive vacation, she wants to spend time enjoying her new home that her wonderful future husband has in store for her. He says that will be great because he also wants to spend time in the new home.

Finally the wedding day arrives. The bride loves all of the attention she gets and really enjoys the ceremony, but she really cannot get her mind off the idea of living in her new home. During the dinner and reception, she silently wishes it was over so she could be carried over the threshold into the new house of her own.

Finally, all the events are over. She and her new husband get into the limo. The driver pulls away from the curb. She kisses her husband, but cannot keep from looking out of the windows hoping the trip will not take too long.

But then she realizes that the driver has taken a wrong turn. He is going in the opposite direction of the new house! She is alarmed, but then thinks her new husband must just want to prolong the suspense. But then the driver stops. He comes to the door and opens it. They are in front of a very small, unpainted one-bedroom shack. The house next door is a mobile home, the weeds are overgrown, and the door appears to be falling off the hinges.

She turns to her husband and asks for the meaning of this outrage. He replies, “Well, I decided that we really didn’t need a brand new house, so I just bought this one instead. I know that you love me anyway, so I know you wouldn’t mind. After all, you didn’t just marry me for a nice house, did you?”

So should the new bride be upset that she did not get what she was told she would be getting on her honeymoon? This is exactly what spouse is doing when he/she refuses to have sex on the honeymoon.


2 thoughts on “Living in a Shack

  1. Yes, completely agree with you! I have ttied explaining in different forms how sex is just as important as anything else. I’m the crazy or perverted one for asking for it again (after a few months) I don’t know what’s harder though the constant refusal or refusing him once he comes around for reset sex.


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